Thomas Burns has provided individual and group therapy, focusing on client identified core issues and concerns for over a decade. He specializes in addiction counseling, mental health counseling, and educational training.

Thomas seeks to help the marginalized and underprivileged demographic within his community, and is motivated by a deep need to help others and foster positive thinking and behavior in the individuals he serves.

Who We Are

We Are Licensed Professionals Here to Help

We are a team of professionals with decades of experience helping educate, and empower individuals facing addiction and mental health issues.

Thomas Burns MHC, LADC I, CADC

Founder, CEO

John Fortes III has spent a lifetime helping to empower and improve the lives of others, through counseling and outreach services.

John has worked with countless individuals, and helped them overcome the difficulties associated with their addiction. John believes that through helping others we improve the quality of life for our community and those effected with substance use and mental health.

John Fortes III MS, LADC I


Lisa Costa

Recovery Support Provider


Anne Zarlengo

Therapist LADC I, CADC II

Anne Zarlengo brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to Burns|Fortes Consultants. She has a Masters Degree in Psychology & Organizational Development and Team Building. Anne has a LADC I and CADC II. Anne has been working in the addiction and mental health industry for over 25 years as a clinician, Program Director and Professional Trainer. Anne has several areas of experience such as EAP Management and Coaching.


Our Recovery Support Team